Cosentino Farewells The Jungle.

Cosentino Farewells The Jungle.

The top 4 of the jungle bunch became 3 in the penultimate episode of I’m a Celeb.

To commemorate this milestone, Cos arrived into camp bearing champagne and graduation hats to announce the inaugural I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! 2020 Graduation Party.

Our awesome foursome each took their turn making a toast. Miguel toasted friendship…and something in Spanish, Dale toasted to never taking anything for granted, Cos toasted families and Rhonda… well, she didn’t stop toasting.

Between her being tipsy after half a glass, to her love of French bubbly, Rhonda really is our spiritual animal.

With the anticipation of being reunited with their families on everyone’s minds, Cos asked Miguel how he would he feel if the roles were reversed and his wife Sascha was in the jungle.

Miguel ‘husband goals’ Maestre said he wouldn’t cope as well back home because his wife is a super mum. But he thinks she would be strong enough to conquer camp life. Bless!

Our final four came together in tonight’s hilarious trial, Help From Our Friends.

Sitting above a tank filled with jungle nasties, the celebrities had to match a departed celebrity with a category in which they believed they would have a got a question right upon exit. Get it right and they stay dry, but get it wrong and they will take a stinky swim.

Luckily, Myf Warhurst was well versed in all things arts and humanity, but unfortunately for Miguel, Dilruk couldn’t spell hippopotamus.

Later in the show, Dr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris announced that grand illusionist Cosentino was the 11th celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

We don’t mean to sound corny…but Cosentino really brought some magic and charm into camp.

It isn’t easy being a late comer, but the camp welcomed Cos with opened arms… well, except for Erin who confronted him about a past run-in where he wasn’t thrilled to get a photo with her.

From making a pair of glasses miraculously lift off the ground to calling Miguel’s bluff during a game of cards, Cosentino really did wow the camp with his magician skills. Cos was also incredibly generous with his time, recruiting Dale and Miguel on several occasion as his magician apprentice.

His two best tricks involved camp mate Ryan. After several complaints of a toilet seat being left up, Cos successfully nailed Ryan as the culprit. Later, he hypnotised him which left his fellow campmates in hysterics.

One of the other main attractions for Cos to join the 2020 cast, was to make money and create awareness for his charity, The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation, an organisation close to his heart.

Cos competed in an impressive four trials, the most memorable being Spin It Or Bin It, where he had to consume blended mouse and emperor scorpion tails.

Do not miss Sunday night’s epic Grand Finale when either Dale Thomas, Rhonda Burchmore or Miguel Maestre will be named King or Queen Of The Jungle.