Charlotte Crosby Farewells The Jungle.

Charlotte Crosby Farewells The Jungle.

I’m a celebrity has lost a huge name in  Charlotte Crosby

If the phrase “I’m going down to the bottle-o to get some grog because tonight I am getting maggot. I hope I don’t get crook because I want to wear my G-banger to the big banana”, isn’t printed on a T-shirt and worn to future Australia Days.

The content queen machine was in full force tonight as she got schooled by the camp on some of Australia’s major landmarks and catchphrases. Char was SHOOK to hear we have a big banana and prawn and that thongs really do go on our feet and not up our backsides.

Laughs continued in tonight’s hilarious trial, The Big Wave. Miguel, Dale and Charlotte withstood the crazy elements of wind, fire, slime, and of course water, to score an impressive five stars for camp.

Our fabulous five were in a state of shock and excitement as TEN News First presenter Sandra Sully delivered news from home.

After weeks of having no contact with the outside world, the celebrities were overjoyed to hear about the big news stories that have made headlines across the globe over the past four weeks.

While they were shocked to learn that the bushfires were still burning across Australia, it was the death of American basketballer Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter that left the camp speechless. In further sad news, Miguel welled up when he learnt of the passing of Tony Bilson, his former mentor and teacher in the culinary world.

News from their loved ones warmed the hearts of the camp as Sandra provided each celebrity with an update from their families back home.

Laughs ensued when messages from Charlotte’s hairdresser and Cosentino’s wife were passed on. Apparently Charlotte’s hair stylist is unimpressed with the state of her hair and Cos’s wife has been house hunting behind his back.

Laughs turn to tears when pictures of Miguel and Dale’s kids were shared on screen. Whilst Miguel broke down at the sight of his son starting kindergarten, Dale became emotional seeing his daughter lobbying for votes.

Later in the show, Dr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris announced that international reality star and party animal Charlotte Crosby was the 10th celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

Having spent 10 years growing up in front of reality television cameras, Charlotte took to jungle life like a duck to water.

Before she entered, Charlotte told us she had one clear motive for joining the 2020 cast of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!. She was off boys and wanted an escape from her very recent, and very public split. And then she met Ryan.

Cue the lovebirds roping us into all the highs and lows of their turbulent camp romance. In fact—Charlotte had a few of her own highs and lows across her four week jungle stint.

From breaking down in the Tok Tokkie and threatening to walk out, to being nominated in a whopping eight trials—this experience definitely pushed Crosby’s physical and emotional limits.

A self-proclaimed acrophobic with a specific disdain for vertical drops, Charlotte was left with no choice but to pull out from two trials centred around bungees. In Dreadmill, one of this seasons scariest trials, Charlotte was commended for running on a treadmill that was hanging off a cliff 1600 metres from the ground.

Outspoken and unapologetic, Charlotte was never afraid to have her say. When Tom Williams made the assumption that her future work trip to Australia was to party, Charlotte called him out for pre-judging her. When Nikki Osborne suggested that you don’t need talent to be an ‘influencer’, Charlotte fought back. Arguing that a lot of time, effort and planning goes into the self-marketing process for brands, Crosby left stand-up comic Nikki lost for words.

From the details surrounding her very public split from ex-boyfriend Joshua Ritchie, to having sex on television and her many plastic surgery procedures, no topics were off-limits for Charlotte.

Tune in tonight to see our final four partake in the epic trial, Help From Our Friends, and another unlucky celebrity bids farewell to camp life for good.