Conversations With Friends Review

Conversations With Friends Review
Conversations with Friends

Prime Video has dipped its toe into Sally Rooney adaptations with Conversations With Friends.

The adaptation follows Frances (Alison Oliver) and Bobbi (Sasha Lane), former lovers-turned-friends who perform slam poetry together.

One night, after a very emotive performance, they cross paths with author Melissa (Jemima Kirke), who eagerly invites them to join her for a swim and lunch the following day, with her husband Nick (Joe Alwyn) to join them.

It’s a decision which will change the quartet forever. Bobbie arrives with feelings for Melissa, which look to be reciprocated by Frances, however she’s quiet, shy and relates to Nick.

What transpired over the five episodes offered for review is mostly unsaid by Frances and Nick as they explore their bond.

Alice Birch leads the writing team as the series explores the quartets story in 30-minute instalments which allows the story to breathe, but at times feels rushed.

All four leads give decent performances, but it is Alison who sparkles in her first role.

There isn’t a lot of conversing in the series, but Conversations With Friends will be a major talking point.

3 Stars

Conversations With Friends is now available on Prime Video.


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