Celebrity Apprentice tees off

Celebrity Apprentice tees off
Celebrity Apprentice - 201

All the celebrities arrive to a rooftop bar to meet for the very first time and to size up their competition.

It’s not long before Lord Sugar enters, bringing a few laughs and a few digs. He introduces his two advisors Janine and Nick and their reputation in the industry. He then moves them into Girls team and Boys team and their names – Innovate and Collaborate.The first task is revealed, which is to design and execute a winner takes all Ultimate charity Golf Tournament. Not surprisingly the Charity Golf Tournament is a must attend event on any country club or socialite calendar, an opportunity to steal the morning headlines and create a splash.

Turia is first to put her hand up for Project Manager for Team Innovate, who make their main focus the event planning, but Turia’s ideas are heavily questioned by Bek.

For Team collaborate it’s Darren who wins the battle against Jarrod for Project Manager, but with their priority being more about bringing in the cash, it’s Benji who really steps up and brings in 100K worth of donations before the event even starts.

Even though Team Innovate start to catch up with their donations, a last minute delivery from Gamble causes a major roadblock at the course, delaying the start of their tournament by 40 minutes.

Team Collaborate continue to wing it at every hole surprisingly driving a very successful event, which results in them winning the Task in the boardroom and pocketing 600k for Darren’s Charity

Despite Gamble’s late delivery causing the major setback for Team Innovate, it was Turia’s distrust for Bek and lack of team work that see’s her sent home.


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