Claudia’s blast from the past hits the Vila

Claudia’s blast from the past hits the Vila

One Islander’s ex is coming into the villa which will shake things up like we haven’t seen this year on Love Island Australia .

Tak has coupled up with Stella and he feels the energy is shifting a bit. Callum chose Maddy, but they aren’t really vibing.

Austen and Claudia share a moment, Austen admits he is falling hard for Claudia. He has never been in love before, but thinks he is close.

Jess gets a text, she is going on a date with a new handsome bomb.  At the date she gets to know Jason, a very smart American from Adelaide. Jason is also Claudia’s ex, but he doesn’t reveal that to her.

When Jess returns, she tells all the Islanders about Jason – what he does, his age, and where he lives – Claudia clicks, it’s her ex and he is about to enter the villa. There are gasps and shocks as Claudia comes to the realisation she is going to see her ex very soon.

Jason comes in and chats with the girls and Claudia can’t believe it.  She broke up very soon before she entered the Love Island Australia villa. Jason came all the way from Australia to see if there still was a connection. They go for a chat and he lays it on. He gives Claudia a kiss on the forehead from her Mum, which she loves. Their paths were connected.

Austen chats to the boys, he is putting a wall up but taking the news very well.

At night, the villa descends into chaos after Callum goes on a fishing expedition. He grills Claudia on the circumstances of the breakup, and then Jason. The stories don’t add up about when it ended and the last times they saw each other and it causes major issues.

Claudia is furious, and kicks off like we haven’t seen before. She accuses Callum of trying to stir up trouble and isn’t having a bar of it.

Callum says he just wants to protect his mate Austen, but Claudia is not happy.

A dramatic night in the villa.


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