A Series Of Successful Strategies

In another jam-packed episode of The Challenge Australia, strategies, conflicts and surprises saw two strong contenders, Sugar and Ryan, depart Argentina.

The Challenge, Buddy Blinders, had partners race half a kilometre to a puzzle hidden by blinds. One partner had to balance on a post to reveal the puzzle while the other memorised it, before the pair ran back to replicate it. Conor and Brittany made the whole Challenge look easy, with Conor successfully replicating the puzzle and winning them a “power” that was yet to be revealed. The lack of teamwork and communication between Grant and Brooke B, lead them into elimination.

Without hesitation, Conor and Brittany selected Sugar and Ryan to join Grant and Brooke B in the elimination Challenge in hopes to break down the bedroom alliance, consisting of Ryan, Sugar, Emily and Grant. Emily took the strategy personally, leading to a screaming match between her and Brittany, which created a huge divide between the bedroom and Bachie alliances.

The elimination Challenge, Ball and Chain, had teams answering a series of six questions with the answers on 15kg balls tangled in chains. Partners had to work together to untangle the correct ball before running it to the post and hoisting it up to the hook. Ryan and Sugar worked swiftly and were quickly in the lead, however their answers were incorrect. Grant and Brooke B were able to use the extra time to secure the win, sending Sugar and Ryan home… or so they thought. Brihony revealed that in celebration of the series’ half-way mark, no one was going home, and as for Conor and Brittany’s “power”, they got to select the teams for the next Challenge.

The next day proved things were heating up outside of the arena too. Brittany’s birthday celebrations were cancelled after Ryan picked a fight with Konrad, before Ryan told everyone in the house what he thought of them. As the tension settled over the house, Brihony returns with a surprise Challenge, giving Challengers 10 minutes to get dressed before they were thrown in the back of a truck and driven to the arena at night. The new partners were revealed with Conor and Brittany choosing to pair the bedroom alliance together in hopes of leading them all into elimination against each other.

The Challenge, Getting Tyred, had teams swim in freezing water before completing a series of puzzles to unlock tyres worth various points and running them back to their posts. The bedroom teams wasted a lot of time on a high scoring puzzle that they can’t solve. Troy and Brooke J took the lead with Grant and Emily in last place. Keeping faithful to the original strategy, Troy and Brooke J chose the remaining bedroom team, Ryan and Sugar, to face-off with their friends in the elimination Challenge, Balls In. The Challenge saw the girls and boys go head-to-head to score balls in the basket. It came down to a sudden death round against Grant and Ryan that Grant ultimately won, and resulted in Ryan and Sugar being eliminated, again… but this time for real.


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