Claire Comes Clean about Adam

Claire Comes Clean about Adam

After Claire pulled Jesse aside at Tayla & Hugo’s wedding and revealed that she cheated on him with Adam, Jesse takes some time to process the devastating news. Declaring that their relationship is over, Jesse leaves Claire out the front of the wedding reception and confides in Harrison. After struggling to listen to the wedding speeches, Jesse leaves the room and cries.

It’s the morning after the wedding, and Jesse is eager to confront Adam. As things get heated between the two grooms, Claire anxiously overhears the tense argument and enters the confrontation. Claire owns up to her wrongdoings and admits that she should’ve told Jesse the truth sooner, and Jesse asks if Janelle knows the truth yet. Adam reveals Janelle is none the wiser to the devastating news.

Adam goes to Janelle to admit the truth. After attempting to justify his infidelity saying that their relationship was in a bad place, Janelle is shell shocked and leaves the room. Breaking down in the hallway in tears, Janelle is – she’s certain that their relationship was going well at the time the cheating occurred.

Janelle knocks on Jesse’s door, searching for a shoulder to cry on. Janelle asks Jesse to tell her everything he knows, and as she processes the information, she grows angry and vows to tear Adam down at the Dinner Party. Janelle leaves Jesse’s apartment to tell Adam he needs to move out of their apartment. As Adam packs, he hopes that Janelle will be able to move on from all this drama after a few days.

In a completely different phase of their relationship, one of the two new couples, Evelyn & Rupert are arriving at their honeymoon destination. Evelyn is feeling unsure as to whether Rupert is attracted to her after experiencing awkward interactions with Rupert at their wedding. Determined to see if they can ignite a spark, Evelyn starts a romantic bath. Meanwhile, In the Yarra Valley, for Tayla & Hugo, the issue of the bed arrangements proves problematic for both partners, with Tayla determined that she’ll sleep on the bed and have Hugo sleep on a bench.

Hoping to connect with his wife, Rupert has organised a spa day for Evelyn, with a special masseur lined up: himself. Meanwhile, Tayla and Hugo are settling the debate of the sleeping arrangements in a friendly game of croquet – whoever wins gets the bed for the rest of the honeymoon. When Tayla wins, she changes the rules, and claims the bed for the rest of the experiment, much to Hugo’s disbelief.

Back in Sydney, Janelle is waking up alone, and on the couch. Adam is hoping to check on Janelle this morning, but after knocking on her door and receiving an icy reception, Adam vows to save it all for the Dinner Party.

Back on the South Coast of New South Wales, Evelyn & Rupert are tackling the honeymoon box, where Evelyn discovers that Rupert’s nerves stem from the fact that he’s so attracted to her – his behaviour finally makes sense. Meanwhile, Hugo is keen to get a few things off his chest with Tayla at dinner. After a discussion turns into an argument, Hugo is left stunned when Tayla tells him to shut up.

Back in Sydney, Janelle has invited Melinda and Tahnee over to debrief and unpack the revelation that her husband cheated on her with Claire. After they hear all the details of the cheating scandal, Melinda and Tahnee vow to have Janelle’s back at tomorrow’s Dinner Party – as Janelle plans to hold both Adam and Claire to account for the damage they’ve done to the experiment.


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