Chocolate tart ends a Masterchef dream

Chocolate tart ends a Masterchef dream

Jock’s double chocolate tart sounded like a sweet dream, but it quickly turned into a nightmare.

Eric, Sabina, Conor, Maja, Kishwar and Therese faced a pressure test to determine who would be the next to leave the competition, with a challenge set by MasterChef Australia’s very own Jock Zonfrillo. 

Jock revealed his version of both a sweet and savoury tart and the contestants were asked to decide which version they wanted to recreate. In a shock twist, Jock announced they would have to cook the opposite tart to their preference. 

When it came time for tasting, the judges decided that Therese had done justice to Jock’s dish with the crispy tart shell and the luxurious sauce inside. Conor’s tart shell was a bit thick, but his yabbies were beautifully poached. Given she couldn’t reveal her tart shell, Kishwar made her version of Jock’s tart into a plated dessert and her cake was applauded. The judges commended Eric on his tempered chocolate and perfectly bitter and salty caramel.

Sabina had a disaster with her tempered chocolate, but her saving grace was the flavour of her tart and the caramel texture was good.

Maja felt she hadn’t done Jock’s dish justice and the judges agreed that there wasn’t enough bitterness or salt to cut through the sweetness. It was this lack of balance that saw Maja wave goodbye to the MasterChef kitchen.


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