Changes a foot at Seven News

Changes a foot at Seven News

Today Channel Seven announced some very exciting changes for Sunday Night but one of them comes at a cost to Today Tonight.

Today Tonight host Helen Kapalos who hosts the Sydney and Melbourne editions has quit the show. Kapalos will however stay with the network and do reports for Sunday Night. The news was confirmed today by Kaploas saying As much I’ve enjoyed presenting, I want to immerse myself in longer-form storytelling, “Sunday Night is a dream gig and it’s a privilege to be involved this show.” Nick Etchells will continue on as host until a new one is announced  in the coming  weeks.

Also joining the ranks of Sunday Night in 2014 is Channel Nine’s former Foreign Correspondent Denham Hitchcock

I’ve been glued to Sunday Night for the last five years. I’m delighted to join its ranks, and thoroughly look forward to a much-promised ‘baptism of fire’.“As a foreign correspondent, I’ve had the opportunity to cover some of the world’s biggest stories but for the first time in a long time I’ll have the chance to come home between stories. It’s a dream job. Not only do I get the chance to work with some of the best in the business but I have the added bonus of being based in the country that I love.” he seid.

Sunday Night Executive Producer Mark Llewellyn said: “Denham has all the qualities that fill me with jealousy. He has been blessed with great looks, a keen brain, and is clearly a star in the making. If not for the fact that he is also an awesome bloke with a journalist’s thirst for a great yarn I’d be green with envy – instead I am over the moon at having him join Sunday Night.”

Sunday Night returns to Channel Seven soon.