Champion Steve Is Exiled From The Game.

Champion Steve Is Exiled From The Game.

Exile Island made another appearance last night and had an impact on the game.

After being crowned Dead Man Walking, Steve was then forced to say his goodbyes to the castaways after receiving the news that he must leave for Exile Island. This not only left him stranded on an island with no food or shelter, but it also ruled him out of competing in the Reward Challenge, returning instead at the next Immunity Challenge. While on Exile Island, Steve took the time to reflect and find his inner strength to return to the Immunity Challenge with a vengeance.

An Indian feast was up for grabs at the Reward Challenge, but first the castaways had to paddle out to the pontoon and crack the puzzle before they could indulge in curries. Shane, Brian and Sharn comfortably stole the win, which proved fortuitous as Shane and Sharn were hell-bent on luring Brian back over to the Champions alliance. Brian insisted that Steve was the biggest remaining threat and was not willing to budge, and further argued that if Steve was to win Immunity, next on the chopping block would be Shane or Sharn.

The Dead Man Walking returned to join his castaways for the Immunity Challenge, which saw them balance a ball on top of a pole while making their way through a series of obstacles. Brian was the first person to land his ball in the bucket at the end of the course and was crowned with his second Immunity necklace during the season.


Steve was left to fight for his life as the Dead Man Walking, which rendered him absent from the vote at Tribal Council. Back at camp, Brian was quick to make a beeline for his new alliance, to firm up their prearranged plan to eliminate Steve from the game. Shane campaigned to swing the vote Fenella’s way and sent Sharn off to persuade Monica to join them for the vote.


Sharn, determined to get Monica back on board, still had hope in reviving the Champions alliance. Brian’s antenna was up when Monica returned from a long, involved chat with Sharn with no firewood.

At Tribal Council, Shane put a spotlight on the lack of contribution to the camp that had been shown by certain castaways and proposed that they should all be tested on Exile Island to see whether they truly are survivors. Brian bit back by asking Shane whether she would agree that she has been carried through challenges. Steve is quick to jump to Shane’s defence and asks Brian to remember her age and have some respect.

The vote was first tied between Steve, Sharn and Fenella, with Steve eliminated upon the re-vote.

Steve’s intimidating physicality was discussed at Tribal Council despite the fact Steve had no Immunity Idol wins on the board. Monica was the linchpin between the two alliances and held the power walking into Tribal Council. It was Monica’s decision that saw the votes swing in Steve’s direction, making him the fifth male to join the Jury.

On leaving the game Steve said: “Making it this far in the game of Survivor is an amazing feat, but to know that I was so close to the end is a bit of a kick in the guts. This whole experience has been absolutely amazing. It has taught me so much about myself and about having friendship and faith in other human beings.”