Celebrity Apprentice Offers up Redemption

Celebrity Apprentice Offers up Redemption
Celebrity Apprentice - 206

In the last task, Lord Sugar did something he has never done before. He allowed the four eliminated contestants to come back and battle it out for two positions in the competition.

The remaining contestants are shocked at this decision and equally amazed when Beck and Eloni are awarded redemption and re-join them in the Breakout Room.

As the celebrities get into the cars to go to the task, Janine calls an Innovate car and drops a bombshell – to even up the teams, Benji will be moving onto Team Collaborate.

Today’s task is a mystery. All our celebrities know is they need to bring valuable items to sell for charity and head west. Lord Sugar informs them via car radio that the task is to run car boot sales and raise as much money for charity by selling their own possessions to the general public or use their black book contacts.

When they arrive, Ronnie volunteers to be Team Collaborate’s Project Manager and desperate to impress Lord Sugar, Eloni offers to be Team Innovate’s Project Manager.

Team Collaborate immediately starts raking in the cash. Benji is a considered a legend in Western Sydney, so customers are flocking to his market for his signed memorabilia. Innovate’s market is bare, and Jarrod observes that Eloni is out of his depth as Project Manager.

Ronnie sends Beck and Sammi out to buy items from the markets they can on sell to make a profit. The girls are very successful and purchase things that can be personalised by Collaborate. Eloni and Darren also go shopping at the markets, but the items they come back with are silly and not easy to sell.

At the end of the day, it looks like Team Collaborate has made the most amount of money, however at the eleventh-hour Bronte sells her big ticket item – a Commonwealth mascot for $50,000 meaning either team could win the task.

In the Boardroom, Team Collaborate is announced the winner of the task, having made the most amount of money for Ronnie’s charity. However, in an unusual turn of events, Lord Sugar allows Bronte to give the $50,000 she raised to her own charity.

It then gets very heated as Jarrod blames Eloni for Team Innovate’s loss. Eloni is forced to choose two people to take into the Boardroom and he chooses Jarrod and Carla. Carla is very upset about this, and her good friend Darren gives her a pep talk.

Lord Sugar fires Jarrod for not contributing at the car boot sale.


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