Celebrity Apprentice Epiesode 3 Photo Time Recap

Celebrity Apprentice Epiesode 3 Photo Time Recap

Last week Peter Burner was fired by Mr Boris but tonight someone fires them self who will it be?

On the way to the next challenge discussion is raised that Steph and Rob are getting closer and a romance is blossoming.

All contestants arrive at Sun Studios in Sydney which is the home of Cannon professional services for the briefing. The client this week is Cannon Australia and representing them is Jason Maclain who tells them that no else sees the world the same. So this week’s challenge is to create a photo exhibition that tells a story based on one of their teammates. As a team they are to uncover an untold personal story. Each celeb will take a photograph about that story. All photos will be exhibited and auctioned off; the one that earns the most will be the winner. The team that puts on the best exhibition of original and creative work, encapsulating the theme ‘No one sees it like you’, will receive an extra special donation from Canon.

Before we start the challenge we see a few photos of the celebrities as children. Meanwhile Mr Boris swaps up the teams. So Dawn and Prue join team Fabulous. With Rob and John join Supreme, so it’s Old vs. Young and everyone’s excited. Especially Prue and Roxie who won’t be working together this week (let’s all cheer). The teams head to the war room to start planning. First up Fabulous pick a project manager in Prue because she wants to do it and apparently has an artistic flare. Dawn and Peter are nervous but go with it. Team Supreme chooses Stephanie as their project manager for the task. After a crash course in taking photos it’s time to pick a story. Prue shows her team the screws that were put in her legs when she was 10. She was confined to a wheelchair for a year, was in hospital for 6 months and still remembers the day that her father told her that they would get her to walk again. Over at Team Supreme Rob brings up the Paris Hilton story which he wants to forget. Jeff Fenech tells a story of how he was involved in street violence and incarcerated which subsequently led him to boxing. The final story teller for team supreme is John Steffenson who brought his first pair of shoes from when he started little athletics. His father used to tell him he would be a champion runner, something which he never wanted to do, but he did and loved it. In the end both John and Jeff’s stories will be told.

On route to their first location which is a park, the boys on Team Supreme are in the car with Roxie and she tells them that it’s a much calmer team since Prue left but Stephanie apparently doesn’t like others’ ideas. Rob says he doesn’t see it and asks her to explain but she doesn’t.

Most of Team Supremes’ photos will be taken in the park. Layla is excited because she will get to do hers in the studio. Staph gives each celeb 10 minutes to get their photos. Kym is first, she gets a photo of John running with a dog and children. Roxie’s not impressed while the others wait patiently for Kym to finish.

John decides to get the whole group involved in his shot but Roxie is rushing him. Eventually John’s shot is taken but not before Roxie is flustered and tells everyone to just take their pictures.

Meanwhile team Fabulous arrive at the first location but everything’s not as organised as it should be and everyone has to just take photographs. Prue manages to convince Jeff to get down and dirty. Prue says she is not one of those sitting and talking types she just likes to get in and get the job done

Rob is taking his photos of John. Roxie is quite stressed over the fact that her concept, which is that yesterday’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapper, has to be changed as the location is not available due to deadlines. She has to come up with a new concept.

With only hours to go teams rush to get their final photos. Staph gets one of John popping a balloon while Layla gets a photo of John with his father. All celebrities must ensure that they have someone at the auction who wants to buy their photo. While Team Supreme are doing this Staph and Millsy slip away for some alone time.

The next day the teams are getting ready for the auction that night. Steph suggests that they figure out how much money they can get but Rob starts talking over her, not understanding her point. Roxie leaves the room.

Steph is quite upset as she feels she is really trying hard and Roxie doesn’t listen. The teams note that it would be a loss if Roxie left. Milsy notes that they work better without her.

Team Fabulous is reduced to only three members with Dermott, Peter and Brian all having a stomach bug but the rest of the team work without them quite well.

Steph talks to Roxie to try to get her to return to the game before the auction but Staph won’t apologise. They eventually agree to work together for charity.

It’s time for the auction at sunset studios as the celebrities arrive to meet and greet optional bidders. The artworks are unveiled and Team Supreme has done all their photos in colour while Fabulous do theirs in black and white. Tonight’s auctioneer is Andrew Morello who won the first series of The Apprentice in 2009.

Team Fabulous kick off the proceedings with Prue’s photograph. It sells for $6000 dollars. Next up was Jeff’s it gets sold for $4000 dollars while Dermott’s photo was bought for a good $5000, as did Peter’s. Brian’s was sold for $2750, the lowest amount of the group. Dawn’s was sold for a very respectable $25000.

Supreme starts to auction off their photos. Rob gets $5000 for his photo while Layla gets $3000 for her family portrait. Kym is next and receives $10000 along with John’s. After a ferocious bidding war Roxie’s last minute photo gets $26000 with Steph achieving the highest of the night at $30000.

All contestants arrive in the boardroom except for Dawn who sends her apologies as she has to undergo a medical procedure.

Both teams think they did a good job and met the brief. There were no issues with Prue being project manager. Her chosen charity is the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute after a personal tragedy that upon retelling leaves her quite emotional. She tells Mr Boris that if he’s looking for someone to raise a heap of money he should fire her now. Jeff interjects that if they can’t do all they can they shouldn’t be here. Jeff starts talking about how hard they worked in the markets in the first task.  John says that Jeff got food as well, apparently john is mistaken and Jeff’s not impressed. He and John have a heated discussion in the boardroom that resulted in Jeff firing himself which has never happened before. Mr Boris asks if anyone knows what that was about, no one does but Roxie says that Jeff felt he was disrespected by John. Mr Boris cuts the boardroom short so they can sort it out.

Both Jeff and John, without revealing what happened, return to the boardroom. Jeff apologises and with that it’s back to business.

Discussion in the boardroom turns to Team Supremes’ project manager and how it was decided. Kym says it was a team decision. When asked why, Roxie says she wasn’t going to fight Steph on it because she was forceful and she just wanted to get on with the job. In turn she admits she didn’t work with Staph well because Steph never shared her vision so it was hard. Steph disagrees and says it was hard to give direction. Steph says that Roxie wasn’t a team player because she didn’t work cohesively with the group to meet the brief and capture an emotion. John disagrees and says that worked together well and the photo fit the brief. When asked about the conflict Layla and Milsy say it met the brief and started the story for them. While Kim said it was a great compromise considering Roxy didn’t get the shot she wanted so the teams are deadlocked on the issue

Jason from Cannon said that Team Supreme worked well on the night and he was impressed with the emotion they were able to capture. He liked the fact that team fab shots were very arty and very gritty however they could have showed more emotion. As a team Fabulous raised $47750 while supreme got $84000. The cannon donation of $40000 goes to Team supreme so the total going to stephs charity which is  Jump Rope for Heart scheme run by The Heart Foundation is $121750 the other 50000 goes to Prues charity because steph was touched in a similar way.

Prue thinks her weaknesses were the boys not raising as much money as they wanted.  Jeff thinks that people are waiting for themselves to become mangers before calling the big donors. He thinks Dermott is one of them however Dermott hates asking people for money even if it’s for charity. Jeff offers to help him out with how to get the big money. Brian is asked if he could have done more he says that musicians and actors usually do most of their charity for free through concerts and stuff however in the first challenge he was the 2nd highest raiser on his team. Prue as project manager chooses Dermott because he didn’t deliver and Brian because he raised the least in the challenge.

Because of her fighting nature Mr Boris won’t fire Prue so it’s down to the boys.

Dermott says that he shouldn’t be fired because he has access to more people Brian says if it is about raising as much money as you can Dermott has more contacts so maybe he should go. Mr Boris agrees and Prue and Dermott survive a very intense boardroom.


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