Cartoon Network Inspires with Redraw Your World campaign

Cartoon Network Inspires with Redraw Your World campaign

When families next sit down with their kids to watch their favourite cartoons, they’re in for a big surprise because Cartoon Network viewers will be able to enjoy a completely re-energised brand experience called “Redraw Your World.”

Not only is the look and feel of the TV network refreshed with vibrant colours, music and design, but also its new shows – including We Baby Bears, Jellystone! and Tom and Jerry in New York – will appeal to an even wider demographic of boys, girls and families.

At its heart, the “Redraw Your World” campaign across the world encourages kids to always be true to themselves, and to be confident in their abilities to impact real change in both big and small ways. To bring this to life in Australia and New Zealand, Cartoon Network has partnered with incredible children who are already redrawing their world in exceptional ways to tell their stories.

These remarkable young kids include:

Mia whoruns her own HIIT classes for kids, using her love of sport and gym to help raise awareness for mental health and make people feel good about themselves.

Natasha who dances alongside her brothers and sisters to share the culture of her family from Kiribati in the Pacific Islands, and to raise money for her community experiencing the harmful effects of climate change.

Arya who uses her podcast to share her love of animals, the environment, and the threats which are impacting their chances of survival.

Ethan who has grown out his hair so that he can donate it to a charity which makes wigs for children diagnosed with cancer.

Evan who runs a garden library, bringing people from his community together in an effort to spread kindness.

JJ Pantano, a stand-up comedian featured on Australia and America’s Got Talent, who is motivated by his love of taking centre-stage and making people laugh.

Rehan who made a scientific discovery about two marine species, and now is one of the youngest people ever in Australia to co-author a scientific paper.

Cartoon Network recently wrapped up a “Redraw Your World” art competition, which ran in collaboration with Crayola and NSW Art Gallery and saw hundreds of kids across Australia and New Zealand submit their creative vision of a redrawn world.

“Cartoon Network is committed to inspiring imaginations and empowering kids. It’s a vibrant and fun place where differences are always celebrated,” said Leslie Lee, Head of Cartoon Network in Asia Pacific.

Later in the year, a new pre-school brand Cartoonito will launch in Australia and New Zealand, with a morning programming block on Cartoon Network.

The video series – entitled “Redraw Your World” – will launch on Cartoon Network and its social channels in the coming weeks until the end of 2022.


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