Can Of Worms Returns

Can Of Worms Returns

Monday Marks the return of one of my personal favourite shows. Can Of Worms this time with a twist

Can of Worms is back for a third season of controversial and illuminating conversation and in 2013,
we’re doing it Live.

Each week, host Chrissie Swan will be joined by three celebrity guests, a studio audience and Australians
from all walks of life to find out what we really think about some very curly moral questions.

Guests aren’t expected to give an expert opinion or politically correct view – we only ask that they are
honest, candid and prepared for a lot of fun. No topic is off limits and there’s no sitting on the fence

This season promises to get the nation talking once again, delving into subjects that are sometimes
uncomfortable, often funny and always interesting.
So what do you really think?

Can your life be complete without kids?
Is an affair sometimes just what a marriage needs?
Is it ok to make jokes about Mohammed?

Can of Worms will push the boundaries even further this season with the added drama of broadcasting live. In the midst of live passionate debate anything could happen so it is a series not to be missed

source 10

Can Of Worms kicks off its New Season Monday 8:30 on Ten


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