Cameras, Controversy And Cocktail Party Walkouts as Angie begins dating

Cameras, Controversy And Cocktail Party Walkouts as Angie begins dating

On tonight’s drama-filled episode of The Bachelorette Australia, Carlin cashed in on his one-onone time with Angie, the Bachelors stepped in front of the camera, and in an explosive cocktail party, one Bachelor decided to leave and another one was forced to go.

Taking life by the horns, Angie kicked off her adventure with a romantic 24-hour date with Carlin. Whisking him away in a red mustang, Angie drove them to a glamping site, complete with two tents and a fireplace for them to enjoy.

Whilst they had an amazing time getting acquainted, Carlin knew that he wanted to start the relationship without any secrets. Plucking up the courage to tell Angie that he had previously been married and that his divorce was yet to be finalised, Angie was a taken aback by his revelation.

On the first group date of the season, the Bachelors took part in an animal-inspired photoshoot for the local newspaper.

First up was an underwater themed shoot, with Matt as the sea god and Timm dressed headto-toe as a lobster. Despite getting the shorter end of the stick, Timm saw it as the perfect opportunity to show Angie that he was happy to take the mickey out of himself. While Matt presented Angie with some jewels in a treasure chest, Timm accidentally gave Angie a peek at his own family jewels—making Angie double over in laughter.

The next farm-themed photoshoot involved Jamie as Angie’s farmer husband, much to his delight, along with Jess, Jesse, Warwick, Scot and Carlin dressed as various farm animals.

Warwick, who was already unhappy with his chicken suit, failed to see the funny side and decided to chicken out.

Jess put a dampener on the date by making inappropriate remarks towards Angie that made both her and the boys incredibly uncomfortable. Lastly, Jackson dressed as a shirtless penguin in a one-on-one arctic themed photoshoot.

Although Angie felt a little awkward, Jackson remained cool and collected, making reassuring and endearing comments that immediately made Angie warm up to him.

Later at the cocktail party, Warwick gathered the boys together to announce that he was going to leave the mansion because the entire experience was not how he had pictured himself falling in love.

Upon hearing about his decision, Angie reiterated that she was looking for someone to laugh through life with, and Warwick’s inability to roll with the punches signalled to her that they were not a good fit.

Carlin, disgusted with seeing how Jess was behaving, took it upon himself to let Angie know just how inappropriate he was being. Upon hearing that Jess was making people feel uncomfortable, Angie knew that his behaviour was not something that she could stand for. She immediately confronted him, and rather than apologizing, he claimed his comments had been misinterpreted.

Seeing how apathetic he was towards to whole situation infuriated Angie and she requested for him to immediately leave the mansion.