Cal Wilson Has Been Ejected From The Aussie Jungle.

<strong>Cal Wilson Has Been Ejected From The Aussie Jungle.</strong>

She is the kiwi comedian with a sharp tongue and a warm hug, she ate a pigs penis, and was the co-host of the hit jungle podcast, Highlights, Happiness and Ham, but sadly Cal Wilson’s time in the so-called jungle is up… which is exactly the way she went when she was ejected. Up, up and away before coming crashing down into a swamp.

Aside from all the eating of animal off-cuts, it was Cal’s compassion, openness and willingness to make a fool out of herself if it brought other people joy, that was the reason this full-time funny lady won hearts in and outside of camp.

We have gotten to know Joey Essex for his washboard abs, oh-so-white teeth, and the bonkers stuff that comes out of his mouth, but Joey surprised a doubting camp by making delicious porridge. Wallop. This left camp cook, Poh, hurt that everyone enjoyed it more than hers. The Pohrage was real. 

David did dunny duty and it was such a momentous occasion that his fellow campmates thought it needed documenting (which is strange, because we are already filming it), turning themselves into a make-believe camera crew.

Brooke, Dylan, Nathan and Joey, chosen by the recently departed Tottie, had to watch a video about Australian camping and answer a question about it. If they answered incorrectly, leftover trial items rained down on them. After a quick hose down, they walked away with four and a half stars out of a possible eight. 

Back at camp, the celebs were treated to a lucky dip of gifts provided by last year’s final eight celebrities before sadly saying goodbye to Cal when she was unceremoniously ejected after failing to guess the amount of toads in a box.

Tomorrow night we say goodbye to another celebrity, goodbye to the jungle and hello to our top six who progress to the live final on Sunday night!


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