Brooke’s Wish Comes True With Persian Prince Darvid.

Brooke’s Wish Comes True With Persian Prince Darvid.

After a number of stunning single dates, group dates and rose ceremonies, Brooke Blurton declared her love for her ‘Persian Prince’ Darvid on tonight’s heartfelt finale of The Bachelorette Australia.

Capturing Brooke’s heart from their very first meeting, Darvid wooed her from his ride on mower and bestowed a lamp containing three wishes. The first was him appearing to steal her heart, the second wish saw Brooke give Darvid the first impression rose and first single date, and Brooke’s third and final wish came true when Darvid declared his love for her, and she was able to reciprocate it in return. Wishes really do come true!  

Sharing two special dates with her final chosen two, Brooke swept Jamie-Lee away in a helicopter for a romantic sight seeing tour. Once on land, they took off on bikes before settling in for champagne to celebrate their connection. After a bumpy middle to their journey, Jamie-Lee knew she had done all she could to secure Brooke’s heart.

Brooke’s date with Darvid was nothing short of sexy. Arriving at a private yoga class lead by tantric yogi Jelena, the pair did their best to keep the experience PG, but the chemistry was undeniable. And when Darvid admitted to Brooke he loved her, she knew she loved him too.

But preparing to break someone’s heart isn’t easy. Brooke did her best to be honest with Jamie-Lee, admitting that she was searching for her love story, however it wasn’t to be theirs. Speechless, Jamie-Lee comforted Brooke before saying she was happy for her.

Excited to tell Darvid she was utterly in love with him, Brooke’s emotions got the better of her before she was able to express how she was feeling.

Brooke said: “Darvid, from the moment I met you, I felt a lot of feelings. I felt calm, I felt trusting, I felt an instant connection and chemistry that I’ve never ever felt with anyone before. Darvid, I don’t know how to say this. You came in here and granted me three wishes, and I still have one left. Darvid, will you make me the happiest girl…” before bursting into tears.

Ecstatic, Darvid replied: “I genuinely have known from the first moment I met you it was going to be the start of something special. I’ve completely fallen in love with you as you know. I want you to always feel loved and I want you to always feel supported.”

In a fairy tale ending, the pair exchanged promise rings and sealed their love with a kiss. The end.


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