Breathtaking Battles bring The Voice to a standstill

Breathtaking Battles bring The Voice to a standstill

Last night on The Voice, artists from Team Keith and Guy came out swinging in the Battle arena, ready to prove they deserve a spot in the Semi-Finals.

Team Keith’s incredible artists were up for the challenge, as 28-year-old Thando Sikwila from Victoria won her Battle against 40-year-old Shaun Wessel from NSW, performing Beggin’ by Maneskin.

Tamworth teens Lane Pittman, 15, and Freddie Bailey, 17, stepped away from their country roots with Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus and Stevie Nicks, as Keith declared star-on-the-rise Lane the victor.

Keith decided Chriddy Black from Queensland won “by the smallest of margins” during his performance of Justin Bieber’s Ghost with Melanie Cowmeadow from South Australia.


With his final three secured, Keith sent Lane straight to the Semi-Final for: “storytelling that speaks to me no matter what that song is,” while Thando and Chriddy sang for their life and the last remaining spot on Team Keith.

Keith described Thando’s rendition of Sia’s Chandelier as: “hands down we just saw one of the best performances I’ve ever seen on this stage,” moving her one step closer to her dream. Thando proclaimed: “I’m so excited, if you take me all the way I can win you that crown, I have no doubt.”

After an explosive Battle between NSW’s Jordan Tavita and Queensland’s Celestial Utai performing Guy’s own song, Art of Love with Jordan Sparks; Guy faced a decision so impossible he confessed to host Sonia Kruger and his fellow coaches: “I don’t want to bend rules or do anything weird but if I can just ask, can just have a second and maybe put them both through to the sing offs?”  

After the all clear from producers, Guy admitted: “I’ve only made it harder for myself.”

On Team Guy, Victoria’s Cassidy Mackie won her battle against fellow Victorian Jas Winter after duelling it out with Paramore’s Decode.  

Liam Conroy, and Emerson Alexander from Victoria performed Love Me Again by John Newman, with Emerson coming out on top of a Battle Guy described as “neck and neck.”

With his four remaining artists, Guy sent Cassidy straight to the Semi-Final while Emerson, Jordan and Celestial took to the stage again to sing for their life. After a phenomenal performance of Calum Scott’s version of Dancing On My Own, Jordan secured the final Semi-Final spot on Team Guy. 


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