A Favourite In Scrambles

A Favourite In Scrambles

Following the elimination of three Fans in a row, the team were desperate to turn the dining tables.

With Michael safe on the gantry, Melissa revealed the Fan or Favourite with best dish in the Round 1 would save their entire team from heading into the next round. All they needed to do was cook something delicious with a single egg. Victory was awarded to the Fan’s, thanks to Daniel’s egg-cellent (last egg pun, we promise) crab omelette. The Favourites battled it out in Round 2 using the remaining 11 eggs from their carton. Barely out of the pantry, Billie decided the pressure was too great and the stakes too high, opting to use her immunity pin. With 10 minutes left, both Christina and Tommy were unsure their dishes would cut it and decided to play their pins too. 

When it was time to taste, Aldo’s Filoscio transported the judges straight to his Nonna’s home, Sarah’s Omurice was perfectly cooked, Sashi created beautiful family food with his egg sambal, Alvin proudly presented his Mum’s Nyonya egg curry, Mindy’s Chinese omelette celebrated egg wonderfully and Minoli’s Sri Lankan pan rolls left Andy with goosebumps.

Julie was concerned her fried rice and salt and pepper egg was not at the standard that it should be, and unfortunately the judges agreed. 

Last up was John and his lemon tart. Jock was disappointed not to see the egg white meringue, but his biggest issue was the curd being overcooked and eggy to the taste. The flavours were great but the pastry and curd didn’t land. On a day with an excellent array of cooks, it was enough to send him home, becoming the fourth contestant and first Favourite eliminated from the MasterChef kitchen.  


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