Bones and Castle Kick off new seasons

Bones and Castle Kick off new seasons

Just a heads up that Bones and Castle fans new seasons of both shows kick off this weekend.

Bones kicks off at 8:40 with the season 9 premiere “The Secrets In The Proposal” which aired in the US just under 3 weeks ago.

The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Jason Siedel, an accountant for the state department, whose remains were found in a hotel air conditioning unit. When Booth finds his old army buddy and CIA agent, Danny Beck clearing away evidence at the victim’s condo, he begins to realize that Siedel’s murder could yield more suspects than the team had anticipated. Meanwhile, Brennan must decide whether to have faith in Booth or to end her relationship with him.

It is followed by the Season 6 preimere of Castle entitled “Valkyrie”

Castle and Beckett deal with the consequences of their career and relationship decisions against the backdrop of a high-stakes investigation.

Sunday from 8:40 on Seven


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