Block Master Ensuite Reveal

After thinking about it all week Leah finally heads to Kristy and Brett’s house to voice her concern about their behaviour, especially towards Eliza and Liberty. It all comes from the confrontation at Scotty’s HQ last week after judging when Eliza called out Kristy.

All week Leah has been feeling uncomfortable about this, and with Ash on her side, she goes to House No.3 to have it out with Kristy and Brett. It doesn’t go down well. As Leah tries to explain how she feels, Kristy bites back, and says she is only saying this because she is worried how she is going to be portrayed later on.

Kristy feels why is she to blame for the so-called mean girls behaviour? She thinks Leah was a very willing accomplice. Ash explains the confrontation was necessary as he and Leah are not like this at home and they want to be true to themselves, and set an example for their three kids. It all ends in tears and Leah admits, her once close friendship with Kristy is now gone.

Eliza and Liberty also have gone cold on Kristy and Brett, managing to avoid speaking to them all week. This is all going on as the Blockheads attempt to finish their master ensuite bathrooms.

After a drama packed week Scotty arrives on Charming St and our Blockheads are judged on their master ensuite bathrooms.

House No.1 Kyle and Leslie spent $25,969

While initially the judges loved what Kyle and Leslie delivered, there were once again some major functionality issues. The double shower was far too cramped. The positioning of the shower grate was all wrong.

Score 22.5/30

House No.2 Leah and Ash spent $26,014

The judges were impressed with the grand scale of the bathroom including the huge shower. But overall, Shaynna felt the styling was juvenile which really let Leah and Ash down.

Score 23.5/30

House No.3 Kristy and Brett spent $31,608

All three judges loved the fact the bathroom really connected well with the other rooms in House No.3. Shaynna felt the bathroom totally works. It’s probably the best feedback Kristy and Brett have had.

Score 28/30

House No.4 Steph and Gian spent $31,753

The judges felt this bathroom is perfect for the socials but not great overall. Marty went further, saying it reminded him of a quarantine facility. He hated it in fact.

Score 21/30

House No.5 Eliza and LIberty spent $29,662

Wow was what the judges thought when they walked in. They thought the room was very well planned out. The only criticism was the positioning of the face level storage.

Score 28/30

After a close week, Eliza and Liberty and their arch rivals Kristy and Brett tie for the win. Both won $10,000 each.  The funniest thing is, they must go together for a getaway to Scotty’s house in Gisborne, much to everyone’s amusement. Talk about awkward.


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