Block Body Corporate Confrontation

Our contestants this week are renovating their studio to go with their bathroom. The good thing is that they will be able to live in the space as they build their houses.

Leah is still furious after judging last night, when they said her style was “half baked.”  She spends the day telling anyone who will listen that her styling isn’t half baked.

Steph and Gian have had a really rough start. They parted their ways with their builder and they have found a new builder. But the trouble is, they can only stay onsite for two weeks.

It’s about to get rougher for Steph and Gian.

Ash calls a body corporate to talk about Steph’s Dad, Nick, and him working on site for Steph and Gian and not getting paid or getting inducted.

Our contestants all head to the McCafe for the body corporate and Leah and Ash tell a shocked Steph and Gian while they called it.

They wanted to remind our contestants of the rules.  But Steph in particular feels she is being attacked and she isn’t happy.

Leah runs the Body Corporate and it starts getting heated. Kyle accuses Leah of talking over everyone and she isn’t happy.

She said: “No one talks to me like that.”

Steph and Gian promise to pay her father and next time he will be inducted. But the body corporate leaves a bad taste with some of our contestants.

Kyle and Leslie head to Scotty’s house in Gisborne for their getaway and a special guest arrives, Danny Wallis.

Meanwhile back at The Block Steph is in tears as the realisation sets in they have to find a third builder.   Things can only get better for them on The Block.

Afterwards Kristy and Leah go shopping and run into Steph, Liberty and Leslie.  A divide has already begun.


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