Accusations And Speculation In All The Wrong Places

Accusations And Speculation In All The Wrong Places

Things are starting to heat up in the grand old manor

At breakfast, we met retired undercover detective, Keith, along with ex-federal agent, Camille, who have both decided to keep their past lives secret from the other players.

As the table started filling up, accusations ran wild, with a few of the Faithful starting to focus on Gyton. One seat was empty, with Elias nowhere to be seen, meaning he was the victim overnight.

Host Rodger Corser announced the next Silver Mission was due to start. The teams arrived at their lake destination and were greeted with the challenge of retrieving large puzzle blocks using a rowboat, to then form a pyramid in the allotted time. The red team had their pyramid built with seconds to go, winning them a total of $16,000 or eight bars of silver. 

With their second Banishment Ceremony looming, the red team headed to the Armoury and Simone was the lucky shield finder, securing it for the second time.

With no immunity, Gyton knew he needed to plead his innocence. The Faithful weren’t convinced with Gyton’s sincere pitch, believing instead that he is an impressive, award-winning actor. Meanwhile, Traitor Sam was laying the groundwork for his blindside on fellow Traitor, Ash. Knowing that Gyton and Luke were both in the crosshairs of Banishment, he attempted to get them both onboard his vote, but he was greeted with hesitancy.

The Banishment Ceremony was a cloak and dagger affair as Gyton and Luke threw their accusations at each other. But the votes were clear, Gyton failed to convince the Faithful and he was voted out, revealing his own Faithful nature to the group. Gyton still voted for Ash, allowing Ash to know that there is a groundswell against her.

After the Banishment, the Traitors met in Traitor’s Towers. Sam denied spreading Ash’s name, and so did Blake. They speculated on who they plan to murder, and it came down to either Paeden or Paul.

Which hapless Faithful will miss out on the next breakfast spread? Find out when The Traitors continues next Monday.


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