Big Brother Launch week Schedule

There’s a lot of good news for fans of Big Brother with the show airing six nights a week.

The show which records the 2014/launch  tonight will premiere at 8:40 on Nine following The Block. with 12 housemates expected to enter. Tuesday night will see another batch of contestants enter in a live special.

Most episodes will run for 90 minutes. When sport  takes over the main channel the show will be seen on GO. After this week the schedule will look like this.

Mondays 8:40pm Live Big Brother
Tuesdays 8:40pm Live Evictions
Wednesday 8:40pm Nominations
Thursday 8:40pm Big Brother
Friday 8:00pm Big Brother (30 minutes)
Sunday 9:00pm Big Brother

Big Brother opens his doors tomorrow night 8:40 PM on Nine.