60 Minutes September 7

60 Minutes donates it’s whole hour to Peter Slipper and that scandal.

The Slipper Scandal

It was one of the great political scandals of our time. When Peter Slipper ratted on the Liberal Party and accepted the Speaker’s job in Federal Parliament, he helped prop up a Labor Government that was on the verge of collapse. The sexual harassment claim and publication of vile and disgusting text messages that soon followed, would destroy Slipper and further destabilise the minority Gillard government. When the whistleblower and alleged victim decided against continuing his case, most thought that was the final chapter in a sordid and grubby political chapter. This Sunday, 60 Minutes will reveal that The Slipper Scandal lives on, and festers inside the current government led by Prime Minister Tony Abbott. James Ashby, the man at the centre of those dramatic events breaks his silence for the first time. What he tells Liz Hayes will rock the Abbott Government.

Reporter: Liz Hayes

Producer: Stephen Rice

 8 PM Sunday on Nine