Better Homes and Gardens April 3

Better Homes and Gardens April 3

If we needed any more reminding that Easter is this weekend Better Homes and Gardens will give you some Easter Inspiration.

Johanna and Ed travel the gorgeous Capricorn Coast and show you three delicious recipes that will have your guests loosening their belts this Easter.

Removing wallpaper doesn’t have to be a hard job, especially if you follow Adam’s simple tips. You’ll be amazed at what a few of his easy touch-ups can do to the look of your house.

Karen takes a scrumptious brownie recipe and doubles the goodness!

Graham shows off some stunning private gardens in Melbourne and picks out his design favourites.

Tara and Jason team up to take on an outdoor deck challenge. Their transformation of a bare open space into a vibrant entertaining area is filled with simple ideas you can try at home.

Dr Harry has to dive deep into his bag of spells to help Dumbledore, a premature foal who thinks he’s more dog than horse.

7pm Friday on Seven