Bachelorette’s Talent Shine Through as Four Suitors Depart

Bachelorette’s Talent Shine Through as Four Suitors Depart

Singing, juggling, magic acts…. a ventriloquist? On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette Australia, our Bachelors proved there’s nothing they wouldn’t do to win Becky and Elly’s heart.

The arrival of the first singe date card left the gents speculating that Elly would pick ol’ mate Joe for some one-on-one time. When Fraser’s name was called out, he couldn’t hide how ecstatic he was to get to know Elly better.

Tapping into her love of adventure, Elly organised a scenic cable car experience, with a twist (or should we say drop). Suspended on a love seat 270 metres above the picturesque Blue Mountains, Fraser and Elly shared a glass of bubbles, and their first kiss.

Back with their feet on the ground, Fraser revealed that he aspired to have a true love, plus a family and dog in his future. His dreams of a white picket fence aligned perfectly with Elly’s, and earned Fraser a kiss, and a rose.

A new day saw some of the Bachelors join Becky and Elly on a group date.

Arriving at a theatre, the boys were blown away by Elly’s piano skills and Becky’s supporting role on the triangle. Having shown the lads their hidden talents, it was now the Bachelor’s turn to showcase what they had to offer in a talent show.

In the end, Sam proved he was no dummy with a hilarious ventriloquist performance and Joe had all the right moves with his interpretive dance number. The duo mowed down the competition, and scored themselves some extra time with the Bachelorettes.

Becky was excited to spend time with Sam, who she thought was a genuine, funny guy. As they got talking, they realised how much they had in common and that they were on the same page when it came to marriage and kids. Sharing a kiss, there was no denying the chemistry between the two.

Having known Elly before The Bachelorette, a nervous Joe told Elly he’d been kicking himself for the last six months for letting her slip away. Believing that fate had reunited them, Joe told Elly she was a keeper, and the two shared a passionate kiss.

At the rose ceremony, we farewelled Saj, Trent, Andrew and Rudy.