10 Play Spins Brands Front And Centre On The Curated Content Carousel.

10 Play Spins Brands Front And Centre On The Curated Content Carousel.

If your brand is looking for premium homepage prominence that aligns with programs that bring the most eyeballs to the yard, 10 Play’s Curated Content Carousel is the snazzy new ad product for sponsored content that connects and effects.

Following on from the success of 10 Play’s Premium Pause ad product, the Curated Content Carousel is a fresh addition coming in 2021 to 10 Play’s evolving website and connected TV app ecosystem.

The Curated Content Carousel allows brands to seamlessly blend into 10 Play’s homepage through the art of editorial curation, placing brands front and centre on the web and new connected TV apps.

Network 10’s General Manager – Digital, Liz Baldwin, said: “As we continue to roll out our world-class 10 Play app experience on connected TV, we want to continue to drive innovation around ad products that complement the viewing experience.

‘”Whether that’s targeted, non-intrusive formats like Premium Pause or editorially adjacent placements within our service like the Curated Content Carousel, we’re favouring new formats that consider the user experience first and foremost.

“The Curated Content Carousel is the perfect pairing to our successful Premium Pause ad product, with both products offering advertisers an innovative, impactful and non-intrusive way to engage with audiences with key brand messages on 10 Play.”

Network 10’s Digital Sales Director, Sophie Hicks Lloyd, said: “The appetite for new branded opportunities that guarantee premium placement and ensure a lasting impact is strong in the market.

“When it comes to BVOD integration and sponsorship amplification, the union of Premium Pause with the Curated Content Carousel positions 10 Play as a trailblazer.

“In 2020, we have soared from 10% to 85% addressability on mobile and connected TVs. In 2021, we are tracking to hit 100% in the first quarter.

“With 10 Play having its biggest year ever once again, it is time to pounce for prime position on 10 Play.”

10 Play, has continued the roll out of its world-class unified app experience on connected TVs with the new platform now available on Telstra TV, Apple TV, Amazon’s FireTV and FireTV Stick Lite and Android TV.