Bachelor in Paradise’s shocking return causes waves

Tonight Bachelor in Paradise had two surprises walk outs and the return of a much loved contestant.

Their time in paradise is almost over and the eight couples must decide if what they have is just a paradise fling, or something that can flourish in the outside world.

It has been a rocky road in paradise for Jarrod and Keira, but the loved-up couple decided to make their relationship official and become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Jared took Leah aside to explain his actions at last night’s rose ceremony. He told her that he had only given her a rose as his preferred choice, Rachael, had accepted one from Thomas. With her ego bruised, Leah decided that was the final straw and she was ready to leave paradise.

Thomas received a date card and asked Rachael to join him for a romantic game of golf, followed by an intimate picnic. Rachael asked him the tough questions, but Thomas’ answers were just what she wanted to hear. The pair ended the date with a passionate kiss.

Osher arrived and announced that paradise was about to see the return of fiery Florence.  Feeling strong and determined to make life hard for Jake, Florence had come to the island in search of answers.

Tara chose Sam to join her for a fun Bollywood dancing date. Both revelled in seeing each other have fun and later the couple admitted they had fallen in love.

Elora took Eden aside to ensure he knew that she was not interested in a romance with him. Once it was clear nothing was going to happen with Elora, Eden decided to say goodbye to paradise.

Not wanting to seem eager, Florence waited for Jake to approach her to chat. Hoping to put the past behind them, Jake apologised to Florence for hurting her feelings and told her he was glad to see her back. After clearing the air, the pair hugged it out and their friendship was finally restored.


Osher made a second visit to paradise with the news there would be no more girls or boys gatecrashing the island.

Knowing there was no potential for romance with any of the remaining men, Leah packed her bags, put her best dress on and wheeled her suitcase out of paradise.

On leaving the island, Leah said: “I gave it my best shot. Maybe there is something great waiting for me on the outside world. We all know as kids that you have got to kiss a few frogs to find the prince. Turns out there is just lots of frogs in paradise.”


Tomorrow night on Bachelor In Paradise, one couple decide to leave paradise together, another couple decide to break up and two bachelorettes are eliminated in a dramatic rose ceremony.