Amazon Standup Special: Alice Fraser- Savage Review

Amazon Standup Special: Alice Fraser- Savage Review

This week, Amazon serves up another dose of comedy, this time with Alice Fraser Savage.

In the special, Fraser admits it wasn’t the show she originally intended to write about – the show was written just after her mother died and only three days out from its opening. Throughout the special’s hour, Fraser tackles things you naturally expect to be in a comedy show, like innocent crushes and art therapy classes, but what sets Savage apart is Fraser honesty when it comes to her mother and the MS diagnosis she got before Alice was born.

As Fraser moves between her mother’s death and those small moments of life, she leaves us to feel included, taking away any awkwardness that one might feel with the stories she tells. It’s a sharp and focused look at life, and the pain and beauty of it all.

There’s lots of dark humor here, but it helps make a compelling and powerful hour that stays with you long after the credits roll.

Nothing short of brilliance.

5 Stars

Alice Fraser: Savage premieres Friday on Amazon Prime Video.