Amazon Stand up Special: Tommy Little – Self-Diagnosed Genius Review

Amazon continues to dish out the specials, and today we’re turning to Tommy Little to help make us laugh.

When we start Self-Diagnosed Genius, Tommy gives us a taste of his improve skills using the crowd before naturally moving onto what is going on with Tommy’s dating life, what his coffee order is, and more.

The bulk of this set is about Tommy’s recent Antarctic Ice Marathon participation, which he went into with zero experience or training.

Little is a born storyteller, and it really shows as we go through this story – it’s hard to fault just how captivating he is. There are small stories, plenty of which will have you laughing, as well as the larger story of the marathon, which started after a hazy night in Sri Lanka.

A fun hour of laughs, Self-Diagnosed Genius will definitely bring out the laughter as you go on this adventure with Tommy.

3.5 Stars

Tommy Little: Self-Diagnosed Genius drops on Amazon Prime Video Today.