Amazon Stand Up – Tom Walker: Very Very Review

Amazon Stand Up – Tom Walker: Very Very Review

As we approach the end of yet another week of isolation, Tom Walker is here to make the time a little easier with his Amazon stand up special.

Tom Walker tells us mime is comedy’s dirtiest four-letter word, however, the irony is that in the 50-minute special, Tom delivers a series of fast-paces sketches, most of which are non-verbal. These cover a range of scenarios, from a relationship with a coat and a few other things.


This isn’t just Walker doing mine on stage for an hour. He also chats after every sketch, and audience participation in some skits makes it even more enjoyable.


In Walker’s hands, both literally and figuratively, this is a show that is both a funny and smartly assembled piece of comedy that knows how to captivate and every element works.


Tom Walker is easily watchable, with a charming personality and an interesting concept, Very Very should be on your watch list immediately.


Mime may be a dirty word in the comedy scene, but I expect it will be considered another one after Tom showcases it to the world.


Faultless, funny, engaging and so very very worth your time.


5 Stars


Tom Walker: Very Very drops Today on Amazon Prime.Video