Amazon Stand Up – Lano and Woodley: Fly Review

As we enter the penultimate week of Aamzon’s stand up, Lano and Woodley reunite for Fly.

Fly sees the Colin Lane and Frank Woodley reunite after twelve years, coming together to realize Col’s dream of making some important theatre, telling the epic story of the pioneers of flight, the Wright Brothers, but was is successful?

In short, no it wasn’t – Frank kept getting in the way with his hilarious antics, as expected.

Fly maybe their first show in 12 years, but the duo works it into the premise of the show. Col has agreed to the reunion on very strict conditions: firstly, he doesn’t want to appear on stage with Frank at any time (insanity, I know). Thankfully, Col relaxes eventually and things pick up exactly where they left off – Col is still stubborn and Frank is still innocently joyful.

Throughout the one-hour special it becomes clear that the duo haven’t lost their spark or their timing, and the show is perfect because of it.

This is definitely one of those reunions more than delivers on the laughs and pure joy.

5 Stars

Lano and Woodley: Fly premieres Today on Amazon Prime Video