Amazon Stand Up – Tom Gleeson: Joy Review

Amazon Stand Up – Tom Gleeson: Joy Review

He’s the comedian who divided a nation when he won the Gold Logie in 2019, and now Tom Gleeson is bringing his most recent stand up to close out Amazon’s special.


Gleeson starts Joy with stories about his life, using material about his family from his song swallowing a $2 coin, to a story about his jacket that will have you laughing.


Being known for handling his critics, Gleeson delivers on that too when an audience member does a bit of heckling after they are all praised for their politeness. Towards the end of his set, Gleeson does something quite remarkable that involves the audience, which was a joy to see.

Gleeson is watchable and his stage presence and ability to tell stories makes the special worth seeing and discovering a bit of joy.


3.5 Stars

Tom Gleeson: Joy premieres today on Amazon Prime Video.