Amazon Stand Up – Anne Edmonds: What’s Wrong With You? Review

Rounding out the Amazon stand up specials is Anne Edmonds’ What’s Wrong With You?

What’s Wrong With You? came about after Anne became the victim of some extreme road rage on the way to visit her father in hospital. It’s this altercation that causes her to ask: “what’s wrong with you?” This is only the catalyst for the special, as Edmonds goes onto tackle yoga, ukuleles, and losing your marbles.

The sixty-minute special is full of laughs and Edmonds smartly weaves a set together, inhabiting all her character traits and it’s a delight to see and experience.

What’s Wrong With You? is one of those comedy specials that will be relatable and entertain.

4 Stars

Anne Edmonds: What’s Wrong With You? airs on Amazon Prime Video from  today.