All the emotions as a celeb departs and a new face arrives

All the emotions as a celeb departs and a new face arrives

Living the jungle life certainly isn’t easy and that fact was confirmed with a shock exit and a surprise new addition.

Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris welcomed newcomer Pettifleur into the fold the only way they know how – by sending her on her first tucker trial.


With the Hungry Games still in play, she was joined by Jack and Jess to tackle terrible tasting treats at the Candy Shop of Horrors, with the winner nabbing the best meal of the day.


After the trio feasted on delicious mice teeth and tails, pigs’ brain, beach worms and managing to keep their food down, it all came down to a tie breaker.


Jack downed the milkshake mishmash in one, winning the trial and the homecooked hot meal, with Pettifleur scoring the food drop and Jess the rice and beans rations.

Back at camp, Pettifleur spied a snake in camp, making Mel’s extreme phobia of them come to the forefront. Grappling with the decision to stay or go, Mel came to the sad conclusion that leaving was the best thing for her.

Tearfully saying “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!” Mel departed the jungle with rousing support from her campmates.

With the camp still reeling over Mel’s sudden departure, dinner and jungle mail arrived sending green teammates Abbie and Toni off to find their new camp friend.

Faced with a lunatic clown, the pair had to find the key to unlock renowned chef Colin Fassnidge from the clown car.

Once rescued, the reception was rousing in camp as Colin was revealed – a bona fide chef in their midst.