Ali wins Golden Ticket to Zumbo Finale

The final three dessert makers on Zumbo’s Just Desserts were greeted with good news when they walked into the Dessert Factory last night. Instead of fighting for survival, they battled it out for a Golden Ticket – a one way pass straight into the Grand Final.


For their Sweet Sensations Task, they had to create the most luxurious high tea imaginable – three portions of three different lavish and extravagant dessert morsels.

The weakest contestant was Brogen, who plated Lavender & Honey Macarons, Coconut Panna Cotta Tarts and Chocolate & Hazelnut Petit Gateux. “You’ve got some great ideas and have done well in some aspects but there are some things that have gone wrong,” Adriano Zumbo said.

As a result, the young mum missed out on competing in the Zumbo Test and the opportunity to win the Golden Ticket.

Ali was the first dessert maker through, impressing with her Pistachio Cream Craquelin, Earl Grey & Raspberry Almond Cake and Caramel & Apple Petit Gateux. Kate was next to join her, after presenting a Pistachio & Raspberry Cake, Passionfruit & Lime Meringue Tart and Opera Cake.

For the Zumbo Test, Zumbo unveiled a whimsical tribute to life’s little luxuries called Golden Duckie. It was a bath tub containing layers of steamed gingerbread pudding, passionfruit jelly, aerated honeycomb, chocolate and cocoa butter mousse. On top was passionfruit ice cream, honeycomb, freeze dry passionfruit and salted butter along with a 24-carat chocolate duck with gingerbread bubbles.

With three hours on the Dessert Factory clock, they powered through the recipe but only quacked under pressure in the dying minutes when both of their ducks cracked.

Ali managed to salvage her duck but Kate couldn’t piece hers together and it cost her the Golden Ticket. “You need to get that presentation nailed,” Rachel said, as the judges scored her 14/20.

Insurance Broker Ali was triumphant on 16 points, powering through to the Grand Final. “I can’t believe it,” she said. “I had no idea I would get this far. To get there is amazing.”

Kate and Brogen will now go head in tonight’s Semi-Final. To match the occasion, the Sweet Sensations Task has been seriously up-sized. They’ll have to go big…or go home!

Who will join Ali in the Grand Final? With a shot at the $100,000 prize and the glory of seeing one of their creations in Zumbo’s stores, the stakes are high.

Don’t miss the Semi-Final tonight at 7.30pm on Seven