Adriano’s Closing Credits Roll.

Adriano’s Closing Credits Roll.

Tonight, our pastry stars were greeted with a movie board featuring a range of film titles, but instead of settling in for a rom-com, they had to face off in a movie-inspired elimination challenge.

In a thrilling plot twist, the chefs were informed that every challenge from this point of the competition would be an elimination. Tonight, Kirsten stood safely on the gantry while Reynold went into the cook donning his immunity pin.

The contestants each chose one of the film titles to use as inspiration for their dish, selecting between: Mission: Impossible; Star Trek; The Godfather; Transformers; Grease; Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Pretty In Pink. With two and a half hours to cook, the least impressive dish would be eliminated. 

Kay-Lene picked Pretty In Pink and opted for a pink pavlova in the shape of an imperfect heart, symbolising teenage love. Mel and Amaury liked the concept but had concerns that it would be too sweet. Kay-Lene worked to balance her flavours and while the judges liked the finished dish, the texture of her jelly element was not right, putting Kay-Lene at risk of heartbreak.

Anna chose Breakfast At Tiffany’s, opting to make an afternoon tea spread that drew from the elegance of the film. It was an ambitious task given the timeframe and with only 30 minutes remaining on the clock, Anna had to forgo key elements of her dish as she rushed to bring together the final dessert. At tasting, Amaury complimented Anna’s bold decision to present a tasting menu that he considered to be well made and elegant. Melissa, however, wasn’t convinced the dish met the brief, leaving Anna to wonder if she’d be back for breakfast in the morning.

Reynold was happy to see Star Trek on the board and designed a plated dessert to look like Saturn where he ambitiously used one of Amaury’s own techniques to make its rings. With an hour to go, Reynold considered using his pin when his insert wouldn’t set, but he found himself back in a good place, deciding to keep the pin firmly on his chest. Mel noted that the dessert was not the most finessed dish they have seen from Reynold, and Amaury agreed he would not have recognised this dish as Reynold’s work. Thankfully, the stars aligned for Reynold tonight as taste trumped appearance and the perfectly executed chocolate work saved him from elimination.

Adriano’s dish was inspired by a scene in Grease, where the concept of the dish was to look like a classic diner milkshake. While he tried to focus on flavours, it was unmolding his cups that proved tricky. Upon tasting, Amaury could see that the cup was cracked but the judges respected that he pushed himself, noting that all the elements were good. However, at this point of the competition, Amaury and Mel were expecting a bit more Grease Lightning from Adriano who became the third chef to leave the kitchen.  


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