AACTA Awards moves to Seven

AACTA Awards moves to Seven

There’s changes ahead for The AACTA Awards and it’s all good news.  The awards ceremony will now air in December and on a new network.

The awards  ceremony will take place December 9th and be given a prime time broadcast on Seven.

AACTA President Geoffrey Rush said: “Five years ago we had the vision of creating an internationally recognised Australian counterpart to the BAFTAs and the Oscars, increasing the profile of the Australian screen industry. Already our achievements have surpassed our expectations.

Our Awards events attract as hosts, presenters and ambassadors Australia’s best and most diverse practitioners in film and TV, including Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Dr George Miller, Deb Mailman – and beyond – not forgetting the 2,500 fans and all arenas of the creative community who convene each year for the AACTA Awards in Sydney. Our achievements come as a result of industry, public and media support, and we are delighted with Channel Seven’s endorsement of AACTA by partnering with us for the AACTA Awards telecast. With such outstanding support by Australia’s top rating network we hope this will be our best show yet.”

Brad Lyons, Director of Production, Channel Seven said: “Channel Seven is thrilled to be forming this partnership with the AACTA Awards.

“We share the same ambitions and commitment to excellence on the screen, regardless of the size of that screen. The annual Awards presentation is a highlight for our industry and we are looking forward to beginning the planning and pre-production with AACTA,”

The industry luncheon will still be presented in Los Angeles in January.