A Cracking Christmas For Neighbours

A Cracking Christmas For Neighbours

Neighbours fans are in for a treat with the show’s first Christmas outing stuffed with surprises tomorrow night.

For the first time ever, fans will see the Ramsay Street residents celebrating Christmas on Christmas Day. As the episode opens, emotions run high as the residents of Erinsborough prepare for their Christmas concert to honour Val Grundy, who passed away on Friday during the 8000th episode.

Christmas morning sees Susan (Jackie Woodburne) conflicted and she soon finds herself visiting Finn (Rob Mills), who’s still in a coma, but will it come back to haunt her? Meanwhile Bea (Bonnie Anderson) is really nervous about performing at the concert, and Liz (Debra Lawrance) only makes matters worse by reminding her about a childhood performance – will Bea be able to find a way to perform?

Elsewhere, Paul (Stefan Dennis) is reeling from Delaney’s (Ella Newton) claim that he killed Mannix (Sam Webb). He sets out on a quest for answers that will see him get a blast from the past now one could have ever predicted – Jim Robinson (Alan Dale) – but you’ll have to tune in to see the how and why!

Seeing the residents celebrate Christmas is a nice touch and in the wise hands of Jason Herbison, this is one of those not-to-be-missed episodes as it sets the stage for a cracking few weeks. So pop open the champers, gather the family round the tellie and relax with your favourite neighbours this Christmas.

Neighbours airs 6:30pm weeknights  on 10Peach


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