New stars shine on The Voice stage

Tonight on The Voice, artists pulled out all the stops to impress the all-star coaches, as their incredible talents kicked the blockbuster Blind Auditions up yet another gear.

Tonight’s incredible performers on The Voice were:

Artist: Cassie McIvor, 33, VIC

Song: It’s All Coming Back to Me Now(Celine Dion

Chair turns: Four

Coach: Keith 

When COVID-19 put a halt to her overseas performing career, Cassie returned to Australia with her sights set on The Voice stage. Taking on one of the greatest singers of all time, it didn’t take long for chairs to turn, with the coaches spellbound by her spectacular voice. With the coaches fighting to secure her for their team, Cassie was absorbed by the overwhelming emotion of standing on stage again.  

Guy: “It was so individual… the sky’s the limit with you… You’re worth fighting for.”

Rita: “You have power, you have that ability to transcend any song that you do. To take on Celine Dion, hats off to you.”

Jess: “Wow that was so mega… you killed that… I want to fight for you.”

Cassie chose Keith, leaving Guy regretting not using his block button. 

Guy: “Dammit Keith that one hurt!”

Guy, Rita and Jess recognised Keith’s team was filling up with amazing artists, as Guy declared “But you can’t hate him cos he’s so nice. I just feel like Keith’s an angel.”

Rita: “If I was on the show I would go with Keith.”

Guy and Jess both agreed they would choose Keith as their mentor too.

Artist: Tanya George, 27, VIC 

Song: You’ve Got The Love (Florence + The Machine  

Chair turns: Four

Team: Rita

Busker and looper, Tanya, left the coaches stunned with her performance, which used samples of her voice as an instrument. The display had all coaches pitching hard to mentor the talented musician.

Keith: “If I could spin again, I would spin again.” 

Guy: “I want to commend you for taking a risk… I love the looper thing, it’s so individual.”

Rita: “I really did feel like that was something I have never seen before on The Voice.

The coaches’ passion was evident, as Keith recognised, “Pitching can be very hard… Rita’s the one to watch, she’ll steal people out from you a heartbeat, she’ll outpitch. When she turns on that ‘Rita Aura’ man it’s game over.”

Artist: Abbey Green, 23, VIC 

Song: How To Be Lonely (Rita Ora)

Chair turns: Four

Team: Keith 

Abbey, who has struggled with confidence issues, saw The Voice as an important step, admitting it’s a “big risk” to sing one of Rita Ora’s own songs to the superstar coach.  Rita was shocked to be blocked by a fellow coach declaring: “I can’t even speak to any one of you right now!” However, she later admitted it was a fair move by Keith: “to be fair this is a good block as I would have stolen her so fast.”

Rita: “Wow you sounded unbelievable, thank you so much for singing my song.”

Keith: “Yes I viciously blocked Rita from choosing you, because you were singing her song so I knew she would want you, but I also knew I was listening to someone extraordinary, someone really, really strong.”

Guy: “You’ve got everything that an artist would need except for the confidence and the ability to believe in yourself.”

Jess: “You are incredible. You infused yourself into the song.” 

Artist: Henry Starr Ahomana, 26, NSW

Song: Forever(Chris Brown)

Chair turns: None

Forklift driver by day, topless waiter by night, Henry had the moves and stage presence to keep the crowd dancing along, but unfortunately didn’t have The Voice to turn the coaches’ chairs.  

Rita had a ‘cheeky’ question for Henry, respectfully requesting if they could see his moves. To the crowd’s delight Henry showed off a sample of his shirtless dance routine.  

Rita: “I’m so happy I’ve come to Australia!” 

Rita: “All jokes aside, obviously you are hot, but this is The Voice… I did hear a little bit of a lack of I guess practice. I felt like maybe you can control your nerves a little bit more.”

Jess also suggested more practice, as dancing can get in the way of singing so controlling breathing is a critical component.  

Artist: Dan Eade, 29, NSW

Song: Home(Blake Shelton) 

Chair turns: Three (Keith, Rita and Jess)

Team: Keith 

As a prison Corrections Officer trained to stay calm in big situations, music doesn’t have much to do with Dan’s line of work. He hasn’t sung in front of anyone other than his family but walked onto The Voice stage to show Australia ‘what this everyday bloke has got.’

Rita: “That was an impressive gig.”

Keith: “To me, you are what this show is about, it’s not about finding professional people who have been out there playing for 30 years… that’s great every now and then, but I also love when we can find somebody who doesn’t do this for a living. It isn’t their thing they just have this ability to sing, we can do something with that, and I want to see that journey so bad.”

Jess: “Raw… pure wow… there’s really something about you.”

Artist: Baylie Carson, 29, VIC

Song: Bang Bang (Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj)

Chair turns: One (Guy)

Team: Guy

Baylie’s energy, individualism and flute playing during her audition impressed Guy, who she secured as her mentor, while all the coaches were impressed with Baylie’s voice after Guy challenges her to a riff off with Jess.  

Guy: “That had so much energy, I don’t have anyone like you on my team.”

Artist: Blair Dwyer, 40, NSW Song: What You Need (INXS)

Chair turns: None  

Blair has been touring as front man of an INXS tribute show, and despite channelling the charisma of Michael Hutchence on The Voice stage, unfortunately, his performance didn’t turn any chairs.

Keith: “I was waiting to figure out who you were.” 

Jess: “It was so sexy.” 

Guy: “I’m a little gutted I didn’t turn around… I sense there is a lot more to you… you’ve got a gift and it’s awesome.”


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