60 Minutes August 24

60 Minutes August 24

This week 60 Minutes has three incredible stories.

Curtis Landers

Curtis Landers is about as lucky, and as unlucky, as they come. Back in May, the 15 year old was a rising footy star when a routine tackle went terribly wrong. Badly dislocating his spine, Curtis was initially diagnosed a complete quadriplegic. His parents were told their boy would never walk again, and even struggle to breathe on his own. The outlook could not have been more bleak. But there’s always hope, and Curtis has defied the odds. This Sunday, it’s the feel good story of the year, as Curtis walks out of hospital and back onto the football field to kick a ball with his mates.

Reporter: Peter Overton

Producer: Hannah Stenning

Justice Overboard

Susan Neill-Fraser is behind bars – a grandmother convicted of murdering her partner, Bob Chappell. Convicted by a jury of her peers, she was sentenced to 23 years. But there’s one problem: Susan Neill- Fraser is innocent. That’s the unqualified conclusion of some of the finest legal minds in the country, including our leading expert in miscarriages of justice. Charles Wooley first looked at Susan’s case a year ago, and was convinced there was enough reasonable doubt to acquit her at trial. Now, the case to set her free is even stronger, if not undeniable, thanks to the new and compelling forensic evidence which 60 Minutes will reveal for the first time this Sunday.

Reporter: Charles Wooley

Producer: Laura Sparkes


“Legend” is a word that’s often bandied about, and not always justified. If ever there was a dead set legend it’s Barnesy. Born in Scotland, raised in Adelaide, adored across the country, Jimmy Barnes has been belting out hits since the early seventies. While he won fame and notoriety as the front-man of Cold Chisel, it’s now thirty years since the band split and Jimmy went solo. There, through it all, has been his loyal wife Jane. Their partnership is rock and roll’s greatest love story. The hell-raising days may be over for Jimmy, but the 58 year old father of seven, and grandfather of eight, is still pumping out the tunes.

Reporter: Karl Stefanovic

Producer: Steven Burling

8 PM Sunday on Nine