60 Minutes August 16

This weekend 60 Minutes has an unmissable range of stories for your entertainment.

Special Investigation: Bugged, Tracked, Robbed
It’s impossible to imagine life without smartphones. Everything about our lives can now be contained in the palm of our hand. Personal details, professional contacts, banking details, photos, medical data, it’s all there, so you’d expect your smartphone to be secure. But in this special investigation Ross Coulthart discovers, we are facing the biggest threat to our privacy that the world has ever seen. The sensitive data contained on our phones is in fact open for anyone to see. Anyone in the know can bug or track your phone, from anywhere in the world. It’s long been the dirty little secret of international espionage, but now, organised crime, commercial spies and potential terrorists are exploiting this security loophole for their own gain. How it’s done has never been revealed before. This Sunday in a world exclusive 60 Minutes goes inside the world of hackers and spies to expose just how vulnerable we all are. This is the end of privacy as we know it.
Reporter: Ross Coulthart
Producer: Stephen Rice

The Wooley Mammoth
Australia is in the midst of a raging obesity epidemic and as our waistlines get bigger and bigger, so is the incidence of heart disease and the risk of heart attack. Six months ago, reporter Charles Wooley had his own health scare, after heart scans revealed his arteries were clogging up. Charlie was ordered to lower his cholesterol and cut the carbs. In fact he went one step further – Charlie’s gone Paleo. He’s replaced potato with cauliflower, and beer with red wine. His journey of self-discovery has taken him around the world and back again, including a meeting with the founder of the Paleo diet. So is it all it’s stacked up to be? This Sunday on 60 Minutes – you be the judge.
Reporter: Charles Wooley
Producers: Jo Townsend, Phil Goyen

The Golden Girl
After the devastating Ashes loss, the Australian cricket team has been the target of the nation’s frustrations as we surrender the urn to England. But there is still hope for Australia’s cricket reputation, thanks to our women, and leading the charge is the remarkable Ellyse Perry. She’s a star with willow and leather, but that’s not all – she also represents Australia in soccer. And if that isn’t enough, she’s about to graduate from university and walk down the aisle. This Sunday Allison Langdon profiles our most marketable sports star yet.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Ali Smith

9pm Sunday on Nine.