Lara struggles to stick to her word in Big Brother’s game

Lara struggles to stick to her word in Big Brother’s game

Tonight on Big Brother, Tim embarked on a secret mission to the sewer, where he was united with his bestie Drew and two more royalty.

Trevor, Layla and Drew whipped up a frenzy with their arrival in the main house, but it was Sam and Drew’s undeniable chemistry that set tongues wagging.

Big Brother announced the return of house nominations, leaving only the challenge winner safe from eviction. With each housemate having the power to nominate, Big Brother royalty joined forces, while newbies Mel and Lara made a pledge to never nominate each other.

With guaranteed safety on the line, challenge beast Joel finally met his match as 54-year-old grandmother, Lara, claimed her first victory. 

During nominations, the new housemates did not back down as royalty Layla and Drew found themselves up for eviction.

Lara was faced with a tough decision when, following a tie between Mel and Joel, Big Brother asked her to nominate one of them. Mel became the third housemate up for eviction when Lara let a pillow flip decide their fate.

In a brand-new twist, Big Brother announced a second chance challenge for the nominated housemates: saving the winner and leaving the remaining two facing an impending eviction. 


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