As We See It Review

As We See It Review

Today, Amazon drops a new original in the form of As We See It.

In As We See It, we are introduced to three roommates – Harrison (Albert Rutecki), whose main goal seems to be just to leave the house; Violet (Sue Ann Pien), who just wants to find a boyfriend like other’s her age; and Jack (Rick Glassman), who needs to keep a job and maybe find some friends.

These personal goals seem easy enough, but this unlikely trio are all on the autism spectrum, making things just a little more unique. With the help of their aide Mandy (Sosie Bacon), all three are on a quest for something most of us don’t even have to think about.

Assisting along the way is Violet’s protective brother Van (Chris Pang), and Jack’s father Lou (Joe Mantegna), who also has some health dramas to face.
Creator Jason Katmis, best known for Friday Night Lights, bring the series to life with a pilot episode that perfectly balances humour and emotion, giving everyone a chance to shine.

All three of the leads identify with being on the autism spectrum, and each are captivating and compelling to watch as the characters arcs develop and unfold.

As We See It is heartfelt and emotion-filled and has the potential to be your new favourite series.

4 Stars
As We See It premiers today on Amazon Prime Video.


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