25 Seconds? That’s The Pits!

25 Seconds? That’s The Pits!

On tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race, five teams travelled from Cartagena to Belize City. Thanks to the curveball that is Covid, Frankie had to start the race alone after Covid flight delays forced Angel to drive over 500km to catch up.


For the first challenge, teams had to fill a jar with cashews. But because this ain’t no Coles scoop and weigh, teams needed to start a fire, roast the cashews and gently break the shell to reveal the nut inside. Frankie completed the challenge alone, but still managed to get ahead of Chelsea and Jamus who finished the challenge in the dark.

A Rum Factory was the site for tonight’s Roadblock, but this was no drinking session, with one team member needing to clean 36 empty bottles. Heath thought he’d smashed the challenge, but got an instant hangover when he realised he failed to remove the small expiration date on the bottle.

At Belize Zoo, teams selected a tapir’s poo pen to clean. The stinky, messy challenge had a time limit: as long as it took for the tapir to finish its breakfast, because after that, these animals get grumpy. Tell you who wasn’t grumpy after this challenge…Frankie and Angel who were back together again and back in first place.

For the Detour, teams chose between eating 25 boiling hot pies or learning to play Waltzing Matilda on steel drums. Chelsea and Jamus had no problems skipping dinner that night after having to eat 50% more pies for not keeping a lid on it.

At the Pitstop, Chelsea and Jamus took out their first win. Sadly Flick and Gabby hit the mat in last place, only 25 seconds behind Angel and Frankie.


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