10 Returns Murphy Brown and The Connors next week

Fans of US comedies Murphy Brown and The Connors will be excited to see them back next week.

Murphy Brown will return to Monday nights with a double episode. it picks up with episode 9 which aired in the US in November.

Thanksgiving And Taking/ Beat The Press

Avery will be home for Thanksgiving for the first time in years, so Murphy is celebrating by forcing everyone (Miguel and his parents included) to join them for a home-cooked meal.  She’s on a mission. With a $350 Turkey in hand and wearing a ridiculous turkey apron that came with it, she turns on the oven for the first time ever and everyone is preparing themselves for the worst. Meanwhile Frank is physically attacked while covering a political rally.

9 pm Monday on 10

The Connors returns to Thursday nights with double episodes. The season resumes with episodes 7 and 8 which screened in the US in December .

“Hold the Salt”/”O Sister, Where Art Thou?”

Dan questions Peter’s motives when he learns about the pricey Christmas gift that Jackie purchased for her new, unemployed beau. Mark and Mary write up their Christmas wish lists and Darlene receives dating advice from an unlikely source. Meanwhile Harris is caught underage-drinking and Becky agrees not to tell Darlene.

9pm Thursday January 17 on 10