Travel Guides February 12

On Tuesday Travel Guides heads to Europe in a big episode.

Guides jump aboard APT’s luxury ship, the Amareina, in the town of Regensburg, a perfectly preserved medieval time capsule in the heart of Germany’s most traditional region, Bavaria. That’s where locals like to dance the polka, which our Guides attempt with varying degrees of success.

Our travel teams then arrive in Austria, where they dust off their play clothes made of curtains and take aSound of Music Tour in Salzburg.  The Mirabell Gardens are the perfect backdrop to wonderful childhood memories – these are the gardens where the multi-award-winning movie The Sound of Music was filmed.

The next stop offers a lazy cruise or an energetic bike ride along the banks of the Danube to Durnstein. One of the Target Boys struggles with his bike, but Stack and Mel are missing the wild outdoors and thoroughly embrace the bike ride, even if it means a few saddle sores.

Overnight, our Travel Guides’ river cruiser docks in the Austrian capital Vienna, home of the schnitzel. They tour the city on what Austrians call a fiaka – a beautiful horse-drawn carriage. But not everyone is comfortable sitting behind a horse.

The final stop on the posh river cruise is Hungary, where the Guides make landfall in the capital Budapest. Here they enjoy some mind-blowing local cuisine from the Central Market Hall and visit the hottest attraction in town, the 100-year-old Szechenyi thermal baths – there’s nothing Hungarians like more.

After a week of cruising down the Danube will this journey be our Guides’ once in a lifetime experience or fail to meet expectations?

Tuesday, February 12, at 9.00pm on Nine