Tahir Bilgiç Farewells The Jungle.

I’m a Celebrity  is approaching its finale and with that came another elimination.

 Richard Reid, who was an entertainment reporter on The Today Show for seven years, spilled the tea about ex-host Karl Stefanovic to camp bestie Angie Kent.

Revealing a run-in they had in the makeup room, Richard unveiled that Karl is balding and relies on spray-on hair and hair plugs to keep his noggin in check.

From besties bonding to frenemies fighting, the gloves really came off between the once prospective jungle couple, Angie and Justin Lacko.

In a harmless in-camp game called Head Lock, the campmates had to pick which quotes from the media-world matched the with which celebrity.

Justine Schofield was flattered to be penned as 2019’s next Bachelorette, but hypersensitive Justin was enraged to be labelled a “Human Wheel Of Emotion”. Fed up with four weeks’ worth of complaining, Angie tried her best to put the label into perspective but Justin was not having a bar of it. Cue dummy spit and an epic jungle showdown.

On a lighter note, Justin had the camp in hysterics with his story about working for retail chain, Abercrombie & Fitch. In true Lacko fashion, the model disclosed that he was demoted from being the in store go-go dancer, because it was scaring off customers.

On exit from the jungle, Dermy nominated AFL counterpart Shane to take part in the most confronting and terrifying Trial seen in I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! history, Last Gasp.

Last night viewers saw a sea of emotion from the homesick AFL star, and tonight we saw genuine fear and panic from the usually tough-as-nails sporting legend.

Situated at the top of a pump house, Shane was lowered into a pitch black cage filled with water. Once inside whilst holding his breath, Shane had to collect stars situated in four hell holes filled with critters. With nine stars up for grabs, the frightened footballer struggled to hold his breath and only managed to grab six stars in a restrictive nine minutes.

Later in the show, Chris and Julia announced that comedian Tahir Bilgiç was the sixth celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

From playing a game of space invasion, to driving his campmates crazy with some bad violin playing, the likable trickster enjoyed pushing the boundaries with his jungle family.

As well as seeing his playful and funny side, viewers got to see a very emotional and mature side to the funny man’s personality.

Tahir teared up talking to Luke Jacobz about losing his father to a stroke just six months before the show, and was a blubbering mess receiving a love letter from home.

Tahir completed in three trials, the most memorable being Sunday Slam, where he won the challenge and had to comfort an injured Justin Lacko.

Tune in tonight to see Richard, Justin and Natasha partake in the social media based trial, Spewtube, and Dr Chris and Julia announce the seventh jungle evictee.