The Blacklist Moves to Wednesday

After a disappointing  launch for Heroes Reborn Seven has moved swiftly to fix their Wednesday nights.

Heroes Reborn will move to 10:30 pm  effectively making it the first new US series to be moved to a later timeslot. Filling the 8:30 pm slot will be the new season of The Blacklist, The Player remains at 9:30pm,. Caught on Dashcam moves to Thursdays

Wednesday October 7
7:30pm Border Security
8:00pm The Force
8:30pm The Blacklist
9:30pm The Player
10:30pm Heroes Reborn
11:30pm Aquarius

Thursday October 8
7pm Home and Away
8:30pm Highway Patrol special rpt
9:30pm Caught on Dashcam
10:30pm The Amazing Race